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Concrete Cylinder Pipe interlocks the strength and adaptability of steel with the durability and corrosion resistance of concrete and it's custom designed to yours system needs.

Concrete Cylinder Pipe (CCP) combines the tensile strength and structural adaptability of steel with the rigidity and corrosion-inhibiting properties of Portland cement mortar. The pipe consists of a steel cylinder helically wrapped with a mild steel rod and lined and coated with dense cement mortar. An easily assembled watertight joint is provided by bell and spigot steel joint rings welded to the ends of the cylinder and sealed with a confined round Rubber Ring.

Since introducing the product in 1942, Ameron has supplied thousands of kilometer of CCP for piping systems in Saudi Arabia, the United States and other parts of the world. Principal uses have been for the transmission and distribution of water in municipal, industrial and agricultural systems. CCP can be used to convey any liquid not corrosive to concrete, including seawater and sewage in force mains.








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