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Cutting Plate

Steel plate is cut to the dimensions as indicated on the fabrication drawing.

Rolling Plate

Rolling machine forms the cut steel plate into a cylinder. 

Finished Rolling Plate 

A steel plate that has been rolled into a cylinder. Seam is welded to complete the process.


Bell ring, spigot ring and flange, as well as braces, are attached to the cylinder.

Wire Mesh 

Wire mesh is laid out on both the inside and outside the cylinder.

Wire mesh is welded onto the cylinder
After the completed fitting assembly is inspected, it is moved to the coating/lining area for lining.
Application of Lining and Coating

Lining and coating of fittings is done using the gunite machine.

Completed Fittings 

Both coating and lining are finished by hand. Edges of coating and lining and any other irregularities are smoothed. In the same manner as in standard pipes, completed fittings are brought to the yard for further finishing including application coal-tar epoxy coating, painting of exposed steel surfaces with a rust inhibiting paint, painting the pipe exterior with white sun-reflective paint, and covering the ends with plastic caps.

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