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Concrete Cylinder Pipe has an excellent record of corrosion-free performance. 

Supplemental protection

Concrete Cylinder Pipe has an excellent record of corrosion-free performance in virtually all natural soil and water environments. Its superior corrosion resistance is due primarily to the unique properties of the cement-mortar lining and coating. The cement mortar encases the steel elements in a passivating, highly alkaline environment that is not adversely affected by moisture.
p Supplemental protection for Concrete Cylinder Pipe utilizes a cool-tar epoxy dielectric sealcoat, which protects against stray current electrolysis and serves as a barrier against aggressive ground waters and soils.

However, because of the aggressive ground waters and soils frequently encountered in Saudi Arabia, it is Ameron's common practice to coat the exterior surface of the completed pipe and fittings with a layer of 100% solids coal-tar epoxy and to supply polyethylene foam-lined grout bands.

Additional supplemental protection can be provided for a specific set of environmental conditions by the following means, used singly or in combination:

  * Thicker cement-mortar coating.
  * Electrically bonded joints for electrochemical monitoring of pipeline.
  * Cathodic protection of pipeline sections.

Electrical Bonding

For electrochemical monitoring or application of cathodic protection, a pipeline must be electrically continuous. Electrical continuity is established by bonding pipeline joints. Electrical test leads must be provided along the pipeline section where needed.

Joint Protection

Exposed portion of the steel bell and spigot rings are protected prior to installation with a primer applied after pipe fabrication. The steel rings of installed pipe are protected by cement mortar and grout placed in the interior and exterior joint spaces after assembly.

Supplemental protection of the joints is provided by a closed-cell polyethylene foam liner attached to the inside of the grout band which is placed around the exterior of the joint. The liner has an open-cell surface that bounds mechanically to the cement-mortar grout.

Section at Spring line

The joint of concrete cylinder pipe may be electrically bonded to permit the electrochemical performance of the pipeline to be monitored. Electrical continuity between adjacent pipe sections is established by steel bonding rods as shown.

Supplemental corrosion protection for the concrete cylinder pipe joint employs a polyethylene foam liner inside the fabric cement-mortar grout band, which provides a flexible, extensible moisture barrier.

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