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Typical designs for Concrete Cylinder Pipe are shown in the following tables based on an average design stress in the steel cylinder and rod reinforcement of 114 M

Pa. The steel cylinder thicknesses and rod diameters may vary from those shown in order to use available steel supplies provided the basis of design is met.

The division of the total steel area between steel cylinder and rod reinforcement and the center-to-center spacing of the rods may be calculated from the information in the tables of typical designs.

Typical design:

D = 1000 mm
Pd = 1000 kPa

From design tables:

As  = 4570 mm2/m
ty 3.0 mm
dr 8.0 mm
Determine cylinder area, Ay, and rod area, Ar:
Ay 1000 ty
  1000 (3.0)
  3000 mm2/m
Ar  As - Ay
  1570 mm2/m
Determine center-to-center rod spacing:
Area/rod p(8.02)/4
  = 50.3 mm2
Rods/m = Ar/area/rod
  = 1570/50.3
  = 31.2
Spacing  = (1000 mm/m)/31/2 rods/m
  32.1 mm c-to-c



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