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Products > CML > Belt Lining Process (24" - 72")


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1.  Unlined pipe is transported to CML facility, unloaded by means of vacuum pads.







2.  Cleaning of pipe interior using wire brush. 







3.  Pipe ready for lining is loaded onto the belt lining machine. Then the lining thickness of freshly-placed mortar is checked.







4.  Sample of freshly-placed lining is taken for testing purposes and then plastic covers are placed over the ends of newly lined pipes to retain moisture for curing the lining.







5.  Completed cured pipes are transferred from the curing shed to yard awaiting shipment.







6.  Water is placed at the bottom of each pipe and periodically inspected to ensure 100% humidity is maintained in pipe interior for continued curing.







7.  Pipes ready for delivery are spread out and given final inspection.

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