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Protective Qualities of CML

  • CML creates a chemical shield against corrosion through creation of a zone of alkalinity on the pipe surface.

Carrying Capacity

  • The smooth interior surface of cement-mortar lined pipe provides high hydraulic carrying capacity which is not decreased by age.

Advantage of Spinning Methods

  • Factory Operation Done in permanent buildings with controlled environment, protected from direct heat of the sun.
  • Quality Assurance Being a permanent factory, production line includes inspection stations. Quality Control personnel has much better control over all operations.
  • Strength 35 g force consolidation plays a major part in the strength of lining.
  • Lining Surface Finish Completed lining has smooth, well-finished surface free from excessive rough grain irregularities and spiral shoulders usually caused by trowel finishing.
  • Adherence of Mortar Lining Strongly packed on and adheres to cleaned steel surface as a result of high-speed rotation during lining operation.

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