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An All-New CCP Brochure released

A new consolidated CCP catalog is currently undergoing its final stage of editing. When released, clients would be grateful to have such catalog containing all the details they need in CCP piping. The catalog contents were gathered from the different CCP standards and manuals. It comprises of the features and benefits of CCP, pipe and fitting designs, manufacturing process, specifications, and as well as installation guide. Since the catalog design was created in accordance with the new Amiantit identity, it would surely come out as a clear and concise reference to all.

Press released on: August 2005


FCPP Brochure released

FCPP stands for Fiberglass-coated Pressure Pipe. An all-new concrete pipe coating of Ameron S. A. has been recently confirmed to be a more reliable solution in pipe protection and a brochure of it has been produced too enabling clients to read about the amazing studies, developments, and essential functions of the said coating.

Press released on: May 2005 


Improved CCP Coating by Ameron Q.C. and R&D

Ameron has developed an improved coating for its Concrete Cylinder Pipe (CCP). Research has been ongoing since 1997 and in 2002, Ameron entered into a contract with King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, to study the coating system for concrete pressure pipe and to enhance its performance. Consisting of Fiberglass Reinforced Resin layer, the new coating provides added protection for the CCP. In the application process, fiberglass and resin are applied to the dry and smooth surface of cement-mortar coating of the concrete pressure pipe. Several tests have been carried out and they showed excellent results such as bonding of the concrete and fiberglass, resistivity, thermal cycle, and hydrostatic testing.

The Fiberglass-coated Concrete Pressure Pipe (FCPP) product has improved durability, corrosion resistance and structural integrity, and this newly improved concrete pressure pipe will be a better and safer pipe to be used in the harsh environmental conditions of the Arabian Gulf Regions.

Press released on: May 2005


Pipe Inspection Method

ASAL is using a mobile TV machine inspecting installed pipelines without digging. “The Crawler FW225”, manufactured in Germany is using a technology called “Special TV”. With its axial and pan & tilt cameras, it is capable of inspecting pipe diameters ranging from 225 mm up to approximately 800 mm. The crawler is waterproof up to 1 bar and propelled by two DC motors. The moveable camera allows pictures to be recorded from the best possible positions.

Press released on: April 2005



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