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1. The manufacture of PCCP begins   with a helically welded, watertight steel cylinder with steel joints rings attached.

2. The finished steel cylinder is  subjected to a hydrostatic test to verify structural and hydrostatic integrity.
3. The steel cylinder enclosed by inner  and outer molds, is places on a base right which insures concentricity.
4. Concrete, placed between the molds, encases the steel cylinder and is consolidated by pneumatic vibrators attached to the outer mold.
5. After the concrete has cured at a controlled temperature, the concrete embedded cylinder (the core) is ready for pre-stressing.

6. Pre-stressing is accomplished by helically wrapping the core with high  tensile strength steel wire under measured tension (left).  The Pre-stressed concrete core is then coated with cement mortar (right).  Coal-tar epoxy application over   the mortar coating completes manufacture.
7. After pre-stressing, the pipe is then transferred to a vertical brush coat machine. A stream of cement-mortar, mixed under controlled conditions, is impacted against its surface to produce a dense, durable coating. A second spray of Portland-cement-rich grout precedes the mortar to assure that the steel is encased in a highly alkali environment. The placement of mortar coating is followed immediately by the spraying on of a 100% solids coal-tar epoxy at a specified rate.
8. Completed Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe with white sun-protective paint is tipped from vertical to horizontal position and moved to storage  yard where it is held until delivery to job site.
9. Pipeline fittings of almost any size or configuration can be fabricated at the   PCCP manufacturing facility.

10. Because of the strength and rigidity of Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe, it is easily handled by standard cranes and forklifts.



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