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Ameron Saudi Arabia Ltd. (ASAL) was formed in 1978 to provide a source in the kingdom for Concrete Pressure Pipe and fittings particularly suited to pipeline systems in desert environments. The company is jointly owned by Saudi Arabian Amiantit Co., (A Saudi Joint Stock Co.) and Ameron International, USA. Since its formation, ASAL has installed five factories in the Kingdom to manufacture Ameron's pipe products for water and wastewater systems. These factories are located at Dammam and Jubail in the Eastern Province.

Other products and services offered by the company include Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe, conforming to AWWA Standard C301; Reinforced Concrete Pipe and PVC-lined reinforced concrete sewer pipe, conforming to ASTM Specification C76; and Cement Mortar Lining applied to the interior of steel pipe, conforming to AWWA Standard C205 and C602. ASAL is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company.  

Since 1979, hundreds of kilometers of concrete cylinder pipe have been installed in Saudi Arabia to convey water from desalination plants and groundwater wells to treatment plant and consumers; to distribute effluent from sewerage treatment plants to farmlands and urban green belts; to provide cooling water to processing industries and to furnish fire water protection to industrial complexes.

ASAL manufactures highly engineered pipeline systems for the transmission and distribution of water and wastewater.  Our fabrication capabilities provide solutions for the most complex plant specifications.  Our staff of professional engineers and manufacturing and fabrication professionals works to provide the highest quality products for a wide range of applications.  We provide value to our customers by offering a range of services, from engineering consultation and estimating through manufacturing and on-site installation support.

Several different types of lining and coating solutions are available, including cement mortar, coal tar epoxy, and other corrosion resistant materials.  We offer a wide range of custom fabrications, ranging from elbows, flanges and tees. 

Through a carefully orchestrated growth strategy, the company has expanded its capability to establish a kingdom-wide presence in the concrete pipe industry and its status as the largest concrete pipe manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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