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  • Rugged and easy to install
  • May be lined with AmerPlate T-Lock PVC lining for wastewater application
  • With minor design modifications, may be used for jacking operations
  • Composite Structure:  Steel reinforcement, Concrete
  • Standard diameters: 300 mm 3000 mm
  • Standard lengths: 2.5 to 7.5 m
  • Wide range of fittings

Customized Pipeline Design

RCP pipelines are designed as complete systems. Design package typically includes

  • Pipe Manufacturing Data
  • Pipeline Layout Drawings (if required)
  • Manufacturing Drawings

Field Assembly

Rapidly and economically installed by means of self-centering concrete bell and spigot joints sealed with confined rubber rings.

Custom-Fabricated Fittings

Fittings can be furnished in virtually any size or configuration and manufactured in-plant to eliminate cutting and fit-up in the field.

Carrying Capacity

The smooth, enduring interior wall provides excellent flow characteristics.

Corrosion Resistance

Cement-mortar or concrete encasement maintains the steel elements in a highly alkaline environment in which galvanic corrosion is permanently inhibited

Changes in direction

Pipe joints can be deflected or joint space opened or closed (or a combination thereof) to accommodate long-radius curves and minor changes in pipeline direction.


Simplicity of installation, excellent performance, corrosion resistant, and longevity, all add up to superior economy.


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