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Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe (RCPP)


Ameron reinforced concrete pipe is a broad family products developed over more than half century.  No other products offer so many efficient and economical design variables to the system designer in the fields of water and wastewater collection, transmission and distribution.

Many variations in design configurations are possible.  Concrete or steel joints, flush or flared bell designs, single or double gasket seals, steel cylinder or non-cylinder construction, single or double reinforcing cages, all respond to the designer's need for an economical and efficient reinforced concrete pipe installation.  In every case, these are pipes that transport well, install quickly and accept backfill immediately.

For maximum pipe protection in waste disposal system, reinforced concrete pipe may be manufactured with and integral PVC lining.  This is a continuous polyvinyl chloride lining which mechanically locks into the interior concrete wall when the pipe is cast.  The lining resists hydrogen sulfide and other sewer gases, acids, alkalis and salts.  It also resists bacterial attacks and the formation of slimes.


Steel Cylinder Type

  • Manufactured in accordance with AWWA C300
  • Pipe size range:  1000mm to 4000mm diameter
  • Can be designed for high pressure applications and for external loads.
  • Wide range of fittings
  • Applications:  Sub aqueous pipeline, gravity sewers, culverts, irrigation, water supply, storm drains, water distribution and transmission, sewer force mains, inverted siphons.
  • Can be internally lined with PVC liner for wastewater applications.

Non-cylinder Type

  • Manufactured in accordance with AWWA C302
  • Pipe size range:  1200mm to 4000mm diameter
  • Standard pipe lengths:  up to 3.75 m
  • Wide range of fittings
  • Applications:  Low pressure transmission lines used for irrigation, industrial and domestic raw water supply and discharge lines, sanitary and storm sewers, drainage culverts.
  • Can be internally lined with PVC liner for wastewater applications.


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